Arriaga's The Wild One to MacLehose

Arriaga's The Wild One to MacLehose

MacLehose Press has acquired The Wild One, a new novel by Mexican writer Guillermo Arriaga.

The book's plot, about a teenage boy seeking revenge for the murder of his family by a cabal in 1960s Mexico, is said to be interwoven with the story of an Inuit wolf hunter and his prey as "a story of pure adventure", set against a backdrop of repression, police brutality and Church intrigue.

Frank Wynne, the book's translator, described it as “both poetic and violent, and the most visceral experience one can have as a reader. A young man makes a journey from the corrupt barrios of Mexico City to the eery, ethereal landscapes of the Yukon, led only by a wolf. Arriaga charts a rite of passage that is both epic and intimate.”

The writing is in "the fragmented style for which Arriaga is famous", MacLehose added.

UK and Commonwealth rights were acquired through Kevin Conroy Scott at Tibor Jones & Associates on behalf of Raquel de la Concha at R D C. Agencia Literaria.

The Wild One will be published in the autumn of 2018.