Norwegian Wood Activity Book to MacLehose Press

Norwegian Wood Activity Book to MacLehose Press

MacLehose Press is publishing The Norwegian Wood Activity Book, with text by Lars Mytting and illustrations by Adam Doughty, for publication in November 2016. 

The activity and colouring book, branded by Mytting “the improbable offspring of an improbable book”, will include mazes, spot the difference, dot-to-dot, Top Trunks, draw your own tool wall, a step-by-step guide to how to lay a fire, cut-out and colour the lumberjacks' clothing and eccentric woodstacks, as well as beautiful Scandinavian landscapes and interiors for colouring.

It follows the runaway success of Mytting’s Norwegian Wood (MacLehose Press), winner of the British Book Awards Non-Fiction Book of the Year 2016, which sold 98,000 copies through UK TCM since publication in October last year. Worldwide it has sold more than 500,000 copies in all languages, according to the publisher.

World rights to The Norwegian Wood Activity Book were acquired from Agentur Literatur Gudrun Hebel, with rights sold to Norway, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany to date.

Katharina Bielenberg at MacLehose Press said: “This is the first and in all likelihood the last colouring/activity book MacLehose will publish, but too entertaining and different an opportunity to pass up. The outcome is attractive and evocative, and I hope it will have broad appeal. Once again it’s been great fun to work with Lars on this, and with the vast imagination of Adam Doughty the illustrator.”

Mytting added: “The improbable offspring of an improbable book, I love how it follows the spirit of Norwegian Wood, like an artist’s impression of the text, with great humour and originality. It’s a book the family can truly enjoy together, in keeping with the central nerve of the subject ‒ sharing warmth.”