MacBird to pen two new Sherlock Holmes novels

MacBird to pen two new Sherlock Holmes novels

HarperCollins has signed two Sherlock Holmes continuation novels by Hollywood screenwriter Bonnie MacBird.

A deal for world rights was struck with Langton's International Agency, and the book will be published in both the UK and the US though Harper 360.

Art in the Blood: A Sherlock Holmes Adventure will be published on 10th September 2015. Set in 1888, it will feature the famous detective, originally created by Arthur Conan Doyle, and his partner John Watson, investigating a new crime.

MacBird is a longtime Holmes fan, whose career included writing the original screenplay for the film "Tron", and winning three Emmy Awards.

Natasha Hughes, editor of licensing and properties at HarperCollins, said: "From the moment I read Bonnie’s submission I knew that we had something special – I am extremely excited about the global potential for Art in the Blood, as well as her second in the series, Unquiet Spirits."

All works by Doyle have been in the public domain in the UK since the end of 2000, however restrictions still apply in the US to 10 stories published after 1923.

Orion has published two Sherlock Holmes novels by Anthony Horowitz, with the backing of the Conan Doyle estate.