Lumley narrates first Britannica Books audiobook

Lumley narrates first Britannica Books audiobook

Joanna Lumley will read the first audiobook from new imprint Britannica Books, 5-Minute Really True Stories For Bedtime.

The audio will be released alongside the illustrated hardback on 15th October with a proportion of proceeds donated to Book Aid International.

Britannica Books is a new reference imprint for young readers created in partnership between What on Earth Publishing and Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The publisher said: “This compendium of true stories around the theme of bedtime helps to answer questions such as: Why do we sleep? Where is the oldest bed in the world? Why do animals hibernate? Why does the moon change shape? It is the perfect brainy bedtime companion for young children.”

The book was developed by author Sally Symes and contains original writing from Symes herself, Rachel Valentine, Jackie McCann and Jen Arena. All the information in the stories has been verified by Britannica experts.

Lumley said: “I could not think of a better way to make a small personal contribution in these difficult times than by making these beautiful stories about the magical world available for younger people to listen to as they fall asleep. After recording all 30 stories, I came away with a spring in my step, feeling a little younger and a little wiser for it.”

Christopher Lloyd, c.e.o. of What on Earth Publishing, said:  “In these 30 stories, Joanna’s wonderful voice and personality calms, soothes and fills the minds of younger people with wonder and awe about the world of night-time. And it’s not just younger people who will love them. As Joanna herself said, she has learned all kinds of things that she didn’t know.”

Britannica Books launches on 1st October with the Britannica All New Children's Encyclopedia, edited by Lloyd. It is the first encyclopedia printed with Encyclopaedia Britannica in a generation.