Louise Pentland’s debut novel to Bonnier Zaffre in 11-way auction

Louise Pentland’s debut novel to Bonnier Zaffre in 11-way auction

Bonnier Zaffre has acquired Louise Pentland’s debut novel after a "heated" 11-way auction.

Eleanor Dryden, publishing director at Bonnier Zaffre, acquired world rights from Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Futures for two novels from the award-winning lifestyle and beauty blogger, fashion designer and non-fiction author.

Pentland, whose non-fiction book Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter (Simon & Schuster) was a number one bestseller in summer 2015, recently caused waves among her 2.5m YouTube following by saying she was "quitting" YouTube to create more mature content.

"I'm so, so bored," she said on her blog, on 1st September. "I'm 31, I work, I play. I'm so bored of making things I know will just coast by, not upsetting the apple cart. I want to run free and enjoy it."

To her audience's relief, Pentland said she still wants to make videos, but with the caveat she will "shed this sugary sweet sparkles and unicorns thing and just say, 'hey, my name is Louise Pentland. I'm a nice gal, doing my best, dating, mumming, enjoying myself, let's share and talk and enjoy'". 

Pentalnd is a UN Global Ambassador for gender equality, was shortlisted for 2016’s "Glamour Woman of The Year" and recently won InStyle "Best High-Street Fashion YouTuber" and the Shorty Award for "Best YouTube Guru". She recently released her second collection for fashion retailer Simply Be and her second Louise Live UK tour was a sell-out this summer. 

Dryden said: “I’m absolutely over the moon to be working with the inspirational and hugely talented Louise Pentland. She’s a born storyteller – her voice is fresh, smart and vivacious – and our entire team fell instantly for her protagonist Robin Wilde, the unique mum and daughter dynamic that she draws, and the cleverly crafted surprises she has in store for her readers. Louise’s open and positive approach to life, love and female friendship, as well as her courage in exploring the real issues women face every day simply shine in her writing. We have huge plans for Louise, Robin and her daughter Lyla and I can’t wait to publish this empowering, smart, hilarious and uplifting new voice in contemporary women’s fiction.”

Pentland said: “After writing my first book, Life with A Sprinkle of Glitter, I caught the bug! I adore the solace that comes from sitting and writing alone, but I knew I wanted to do something quite different the next time I turned my hand to writing. I’m so thrilled to be sharing my first novel with the world, these characters have lived in my imagination for some time and bringing them to life on the page has been an absolute joy. I hope readers find Robin Wilde to be inspiring, comic and utterly relatable and that hers is a story that resonates with older and newer generations of women alike.”

Bonnier Zaffre will publish the first novel by Pentland in summer 2017, with the second following in 2018.