Louie Spence tell-all to HarperCollins

Louie Spence tell-all to HarperCollins

HarperCollins has bought a memoir by Louie Spence, the star of the reality shows "Pineapple Dance Studios" and "Showbusiness".

World rights to Still Got It, Never Lost It were bought by Natalie Jerome, publishing director for Harper Non-Fiction from Vivienne Clore of the Richard Stone Partnership. The book will be published in September 2011.

The memoir will detail Spence's childhood and early love of dance through his years performing on the Spice Girls World tour and in the West End. He has become a household name in recent years for his appearances in the reality TV shows "Pineapple Dance Studios" and "Showbusiness".

Jerome said: "Louie Spence’s story is incredibly inspiring—he proves that anything is possible if you are passionate and determined. He really is the real-life Billy Elliot, the boy who never stopped dancing and he has that rare thing of genuinely being loved by people of all ages. He has so many funny stories about his life that I’m not sure how we’re going to fit them all in the book!"

Spence said: "Well, who would have thought it? Me with a book! Someone who doesn’t know where to put a full stop or a comma and didn’t get put in for any exams! Well I lie—I did—I was put in for Art, until I told the teacher they had halitosis. I was kicked out of that quick sticks! It was lucky, I suppose, because mum had already spent the last term’s school fees on a new pair of boobs in Billericay.

"I hope you will enjoy it—it’s a very open and honest account of my life. I’m loving it!"