Sarah Lotz to write Reborn fantasy novel for MJ

Sarah Lotz to write Reborn fantasy novel for MJ

Michael Joseph has snapped up a standalone fantasy novel by Sarah Lotz based on Reborn, a new critically acclaimed new comic book series created by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo (Batman).

Publishing director Rowland White bought World rights in a deal negotiated with Lucy Millar of Millarworld Ltd and literary agent Oli Munson at AM Heath.

The book's premise poses the question: 'What if death isn’t the end but a gateway to a whole new and exciting journey, a journey into a world filled with monsters and magic?' The story begins with an old woman dying in a hospital bed. Bonnie Black has been widowed for 14 years and she’s terrified of dying, believing there’s nothing on the other side. But when she passes, Bonnie wakes up in the place we all go when we die and she’s 25-years-old.  Not heaven or hell; somewhere else. Somewhere you have to fight to survive. Somewhere the people from the past are waiting for you - the good and the bad.  And so Bonnie sets out on a quest to find her late husband, unaware that the bad guys are also making plans …

The first issue of Reborn is published on 12th October. Sara Lotz’s Reborn novel will be published in hardback in autumn 2017.

Lotz said: "As a long-term fangirl of Mark and Greg’s mind-bogglingly imaginative storytelling and artistry, getting the opportunity to be involved in one of their visions is like winning the writing lottery. Reborn is brilliant, ballsy, original, fantastical and full of heart and soul (and includes two of my favourite things – a kick-ass heroine and a megalomaniacal cat)."

Millar said: “Greg and I are hugely excited to see someone of Sarah’s calibre adapting this story. Reborn has the biggest advanced orders for a creator-owned comic in years and we’re confident she’s going to take it to the next level, expanding the idea beyond our base and reaching a whole new global audience. She’s a genius and we’re really proud to be working with her."

Capullo said: "Reborn is one of the most thrilling adventures I've ever worked on.  It’s wonderful that our story will be presented in different mediums.  I can't imagine any audience that won't enjoy romping though this fantastic world alongside the characters we've created. It's fun on top of fun."

White added: "I’ve been wanting to work with Mark for years. I ‘d never have dared hope that the first opportunity to do so would also mean I got to work with Sarah and Greg. And that we’re all collaborating on a such a gloriously imaginative, epic and entertaining story as Reborn really is a dream come true."