Lonely Planet offers city guides for iPhone

<p>City guides on 20 destinations from Lonely Planet are to be made available for the iPhone and iPod Touch from today (11th June).</p><p>Lonely Planet head of wireless and innovation, Chris Boden, said: &quot;As the needs of our travellers have changed over the last 35 years, we&rsquo;ve adapted our printed guidebook products accordingly, with new formats, series and destinations. The iPhone heralds a new class of handheld devices with capabilities that enable a next generation guidebook.&quot;<br /><br />He added: &quot;We&rsquo;ve tried to take advantage of the iPhone&rsquo;s location awareness, vast data storage and simple user interface to re-imagine our city guidebook series to help travellers get to the heart of some of the world&rsquo;s most exciting cities from the convenience of their hip pocket.&quot;<br /><br />The City guides are currently available to London, New York, Melbourne, Dublin, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, San Francisco, Bangkok, Madrid, Miami, Seoul, Dubai, Berlin, Cape Town, Singapore and Mexico City. There is also a San Francisco City Guide offered free for a limited time. <br /><br />The guides can be downloaded and used offline. They provide maps, photographs and chapters on the city&#39;s culture, history, food and art. The titles cost &pound;9.49 each and are available from the iTunes store.<br /><br />Lonely Planet has previously sold its audio phrase-books in the App Store and has generated 300,000 downloads. Boden said: &quot;Following the successful experiment with our audio phrasebooks for iPhone, we felt a location-based version of our city guides was the obvious next step - the iPhone was made for great city guide applications and Lonely Planet makes great City Guides.&quot;</p>