Lonely Planet developing trip tool for Google Wave

<p>Lonely Planet is developing its digital offering with new e-books for the Kindle and a pilot for Google Wave, the internet giant&#39;s new web browser.</p><p>The travel publisher has now made more than 600 travel guides available by book or chapter to Kindle customers. Lonely Planet chief executive Matt Goldberg said: &quot;Our goal is to be an indispensable source of information to travellers wherever they are and consumers can now pack as many Lonely Planet guides as they want into Kindle&rsquo;s 10.2 ounces and download new guides wirelessly while travelling around the world.&quot;<br /><br />The travel guide publisher has also been trialling a trip planning gadget, Trippy, as part of Google Wave. Google Wave was recently made available to around 100,000 beta testers. Trippy loads a map of a location that contains Lonely Planet recommendations and reviews. &quot;Google Wave enables a new form of communication where participants can have interactive discussions in real time. The Trippy gadget turns trip planning into a collaborative activity, enabling a group of users to create itineraries together in real time,&quot; said Chris Boden, Lonely Planet&#39;s Director of Mobile &amp; Innovation.</p><p>Lonely Planet is also opening its doors to developers by hosting its first Hack Day in Australia 7th-8th November 2009. &quot;This is a first for Australia and for Lonely Planet,&rdquo; said Matthew Cashmore, Lonely Planet&rsquo;s Innovations Ecosystems Manager.</p>