Lonely Planet to create 30 jobs in UK

Lonely Planet to create 30 jobs in UK

Lonely Planet will create around 30 jobs in the UK after its part-relocation from Australia to London.

Last month the travel publisher announced it was moving its digital media and brand development operations from Melbourne to London, where its headquarters are based, because of “the effects of a strong Australian dollar".

The publisher also cited it was “sensible” to move its digital operations closer to its parent company the BBC although it will keep its headquarters in Melbourne. The team will be lead by existing head of digital media and brand development Dominic Rowell, who will move to the UK in the next few months.

Around 70 staff will be made redundant across Lonely Planet’s operations in Australia and internationally, but 30 roles will be made in the UK capital, with four already advertised.

A Lonely Planet spokesman said: “We will be recruiting around 30 roles, all working on our digital operation, between now and the end of the year. Roles will be posted on Lonely Planet's website.”

Matt Goldberg, Lonely Planet c.e.o. told employees in a statement: “While we believe this decision gives our online business the best opportunity for growth, we recognise this will have a significant impact on many people working in our online team in Melbourne.”

As previously reported, Lonely Planet said the revenue generated from purely digital sources had increased from 9% to 21% over the past four years, while traffic to its internet sites has risen by over 20% in the past year to over 100m visits in the last 12 months.