London Magazine asks for bookshop votes

London Magazine asks for bookshop votes

The London Magazine has launched a competition for readers to nominate their favourite bookshop, highlighting indies including Daunts.

As part of the publication's The Great Little Shop Awards, this month the magazine is asking readers to nominate their favourite bookshop. Entrants, who can vote online, will be in with the chance to win a set of 50 classic hardbacks from Everyman's Library, selected by m.d. David Campbell.

In a separate article on the site, new Waterstone's m.d. James Daunt said of shopping in bookstores versus online: "You will leave with a spring in your step after an uplifting experience. Why would you give up that to save £5 and have someone drop it through your letterbox?"

Speaking about the collapse of the Net Book Agreement, including the role played by Dillons head Terry Maher, John Sandoe co-owner Johnny de Falbe said: "The bookshop that didn't survive was Dillons itself, because, surprise, surprise, it turned out that books weren't price sensitive. People won't buy more of the latest Ian McEwan because it costs £12.99 instead of £14.99."

Mayfair's Heyward Hill is also highlighted in the piece, as is Lutyens and Rubenstein, founded by agents Felicity Rubenstein and Sarah Lutyens. The latter told the magazine they set up the store in reaction to "three for two" promotions and to support the mid-list that "couldn't find a platform because they weren't mass market and therefore weren't sold in supermarkets".

Daunt added that customers are willing to pay more, citing those shopping at Waitrose rather than Sainsbury's, "because Waitrose delivers a nicer experience in a nicer environment. We booksellers need to be confident about what we are doing and do it with excellence".