London indie Crockatt and Powell to close after four years

<p>South London independent Crockatt and Powell is to close tomorrow (30th July) after almost four years of trading. Co-owner Matthew Crockatt blamed the closure on the decision to open a second branch in Chelsea last year. But he added: &quot;That&rsquo;s life and we have no regrets. It&rsquo;s been a quite brilliant ride as far as we have been concerned.&quot;</p><p>Crockatt, along with another former Waterstone&rsquo;s bookseller Adam Powell, opened the first shop, in Lower Marsh in Waterloo in late 2005, Last year it announced it would open a second store facing the Pan Bookshop, which had shut that January, on Fulham Road. However, Daunt Books opened a store on the old Pan site several months later. Despite a switch to stocking largely remaindered books, Crockatt and Powell&rsquo;s Fulham Road branch closed in June.</p><p>Crockatt said: &quot;In a way it&rsquo;s taken us quite a long time, not to give in, but to get to the end of the road...I don&rsquo;t really have any regrets because we have both more or less enjoyed it. The last six months were hard but the rest has been fun.&quot;</p><p>He said he was unsure whether either him or Powell would continue in bookselling. He said: &quot;We had been thinking about carrying on in possibly a downsized site but . . the reason why we went to Chelsea is because we thought of there being an area where a bookshop would still work in five or 10 years time. But it&rsquo;s increasingly tough to compete and it looks like the market is moving in one direction.&quot;</p><p>But he said that the shop was not a victim of the credit crunch or pressures facing independents. He said: &quot;We made a commercial decision that didn&rsquo;t turn out to be a good one.&quot;</p>