LBF moves to March date for 2017

LBF moves to March date for 2017

The London Book Fair and Bologna Children’s Book Fair have revealed their respective exhibition dates for 2017, with LBF moving to Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th March and Bologna taking place Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th April.

Organisers liaised to arrive at what is hoped to be a practical solution after concerns emerged over a potential bottleneck of dates between the trade fairs in 2017. 

LBF worked closely with their venue partner, Olympia, to get the best dates available; BolognaFiere – owner of the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – negotiated dates with many of their key clients to confirm its Book Fair at the beginning of April. 

Jacks Thomas, director of The London Book Fair, said: “After discussion with our Advisory Boards we decided to return The London Book Fair to a March date in 2017; it seemed to be the best solution to a logistical problem of these two important shows otherwise being back-to-back due to the way that Easter and other holidays fall in 2017 with the latter having an effect on venue scheduling. We hope that our customers, many of whom have asked us to look at this issue, will be pleased with this decision. It is a great pleasure to be able to work across territories in this way so as to fulfil customers’ wishes and I thank BolognaFiere for their support.”

Aldo Sansone, executive officer of BolognaFiere, said: “We are very happy to work with The London Book Fair and are convinced that dialogue and synergies are the most concrete ground for our customers’ business. Balance of the international trade fairs calendar lay the best opportunities for publishers to draw new business and develop their future projects together.”

The London and Bologna Children’s Book Fairs also liaised with regards to their respective 2016 shows to ensure that any exhibitors attending both are given early access to leave Bologna and late access into London.