LOM Art launches £1,000 cover design prize

LOM Art launches £1,000 cover design prize

LOM Art has launched a £1,000 cover design prize for illustrators. 

The competition asks illustrators of any age to design a front and back cover for a book and stationery product called The Creative Inspiration Notebook. It will feature elements of illustration or doodling combined with blank space for users to explore their own creativity.

While applicants are asked to adhere to a template, "originality is key," said LOM Art. The prize comprises a mentoring lunch with a LOM Art illustrator, editor and designer, and £1,000 prize money. Second and third prize is a cash prize of £500 and £250, respectively.

Michael O’Mara introduced a version of the prize last year in the form of two illustration competitions to celebrate the launch of the new arts and crafts imprint LOM Art. They were The Creative Colouring Prize, inviting artists to produce a detailed, black line illustration to take its adult colouring series in "a new and imaginative direction", and The Conceptual Illustration Prize, asking entrants to interpret a quote from artist Pablo Picasso.

Lesley and Lucie O’Mara said: "We think this is a brilliant opportunity for us to discover new talent, and a great platform for an illustrator to launch their career from."

Entries, which must be supplied in print form, can be submitted between 30th May and 2nd September 2016.