Lloyd-Jones wins Found in Translation Award

Lloyd-Jones wins Found in Translation Award

Polish translator Antonia Lloyd-Jones has been announced as the winner of the 2012 Found in Translation Award.

The prize is usually given to the translator of the best work of translation of a single book from Polish into English, but the judges decided that Lloyd-Jones should be given the prize for the entirety of her 2012 output.

Last year, she translated seven works of Polish literature, including Pawel Huelle’s Cold Sea Stories (Comma Press); Jacek Dehnel's Saturn (Dedalus); Zygmunt Miloszewski's A Grain of Truth (Bitter Lemon Press); Artu Domoslawski's Ryszard Kapuscinski, A Life (Verso); Wojciech Jagielski's The Night Wanderers (Seven Stories & Old Street Publishing); Andrzej Szczeklik's Kore: On Sickness, the Sick and the Search for the Soul of Medicine (Counterpoint); and Janusz Korczak's Kaytek the Wizard (Urim Publications/Penlight Press).

Lloyd-Jones previously won the prize in 2008 for her work on Huwelle's The Last Supper (Serpent's Tail).

She said: "Not much [Polish literature] gets translated into English, and with only 30,000 books published a year in Poland compared with up to ten times as many in the UK, it’s hard for Polish literature to break through the competition. But since the removal of the straitjacket of censorship, Polish literature has finally had the chance to play the healthy role that literature can play, allowing a society to express its experiences and come to understand them."

Lloyd-Jones wins 10,000 PLN (£2,040) funded by WAB Publishers, which will be presented during a night of readings at the London Review Bookshop on 15th November.




Photo credit: Polish Cultural Institute London