Lizzie Enfield signs with Myriad

Lizzie Enfield signs with Myriad

Myriad Editions has signed a new novel from Lizzie Enfield.

Publisher and m.d. Candida Lacey bought world rights in Living With It from Peter Straus at Rogers, Coleridge & White.

Living With It revolves around two couple, Isobel and Eric and Ben and Maggie. After holidaying in France with a group of old university friends, Ben and Maggie's baby girl contracts measles and becomes permanently deaf—which Isobel knows is due to her decision not to have her own children vaccinated. To make matters worse, Ben—Isobel's former lover—knows this, and begins legal proceedings agains them.

Lacey said: "Lizzie’s work always cuts to the quick of the modern family and she’s really hit her stride with this novel, delving deep into the hearts and minds of ordinary people as they struggle to come to terms with the choices all parents have to make."

Enfield has previously written two novels, What You Don't Know and Uncoupled, both published by Headline.

Living With It is scheduled for release in July 2014.