'Living archive' of Canongate to be created

<p>Canongate has entered into a deal with the University of Dundee to create a &quot;living archive&quot; of items including draft manuscripts, artwork and marketing material, as well as emails, letters and text messages.</p><p>The university described the archives as &quot;a massively important literary collection, which has led the way in Scottish publishing&quot;. </p><p>Publisher and m.d Jamie Byng is to celebrate the deal at an event called &#39;Creating History - the story of Canongate&#39; - at the Dundee Literary Festival this morning (25th June) alongside&nbsp; Alasdair Gray, Louise Welsh and Michel Faber. </p><p>He said: &quot;When we were approached by the University of Dundee with a proposal to create and house a Canongate archive we were both flattered and thrilled - flattered for obvious reasons, thrilled because as the world becomes increasingly digital there are ever more ways in which language is experienced and communicated and stored. </p><p>&quot;Having the expertise and knowledge of the University&#39;s Archive Services to help us record and document our past, present and future is a generous gift and a wonderful opportunity.&quot;<br />Byng added: &quot;Canongate has always attempted to publish the best writing and in the most imaginative ways. This new venture with the University of Dundee will help us to continue to do so.&quot;&nbsp; </p><p>Patricia Whatley, university archivist, said: &quot;This is a massively important literary collection which has led the way in Scottish publishing. We are delighted to have the archival collection in the University Archives, where it can be used by a wide range of scholars.&quot;</p><p>The university will also collect an oral history of the company, conducting interviews with some of the people who have been important in the history and development of the company.</p><p>The Canongate archive will be used for teaching and research. &quot;This collection has such high profile authors that it will attract attention from an international audience,&quot; said Whatley.&nbsp; </p><p>The Dundee Literary Festival takes place at the University of Dundee from 23rd to 27th June.</p>