Little Tiger stumps up for Stomp

Little Tiger stumps up for Stomp

UK independent Little Tiger Press is making its first move into licensing by acquiring Jeff Norton’s digital picture book Stomp School: Love You, Kaiju!.

Little Tiger acquired the global print rights from Made in Me, the creative agency that publishes the digital version of the book, to be released under its Caterpillar imprint.

Stomp School: Love You, Kaiju!, illustrated by Simon Cooper, is a nursery school adventure starring the children of the world’s most famous kaiju (Japanese monsters). During the day the monster parents go out to destroy cities such as Tokyo and New York while their children learn their destroying skills in nursery. However, one little monster, Rikki, wants to build instead.

Little Tiger publisher Thomas Truong says the deal marks one of Little Tiger’s first “exciting” steps into licensed publishing. It has so far agreed to publish one print book but is in negotiations with Made in Me over more in the series.

The company will show copies of the book at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the autumn before launching it on the market in 2016. Made in Me’s digital version of Stomp School: Love You, Kaiju! will be released this spring.