Little Tiger looks to grow abroad

Publisher Little Tiger Press is seeking to extend its presence in Australia and the US through partnerships with distributors.

Little Tiger Press publishes picture books and includes imprints Caterpillar Books and fiction list Stripes. Jill Coleman, m.d. of parent group Magi, said: “Little Tiger has been sold in coedition in Australia but we have never launched our list there. Now we plan to do so through a company that has considerable reach both into the trade and outside bookshops.” The partnership will be officially confirmed “in a matter of weeks”, said Coleman.

The publisher is also launching a new list with a US-based company in spring 2012, although details are not yet available. The titles will be published in the US exclusively by the US partner as Little Tiger Press, and will also be brought to the UK. Coleman added: “The UK trade is tougher than it was but we are doing better in other regions, which is offsetting the home market.”

In a further development, the company will launch a new list at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair next spring. Coleman said: “We are very good at making gorgeous and unusual formats that appeal to children and we will be using that strength to develop the new list.”

The publisher is focusing on digital developments—including a move into e-books for its Stripes fiction list, and the relaunch of its website to focus on consumers—especially through partnerships with other relevant websites.