Little, Brown reveals Tartt jacket

Little, Brown has revealed the cover of Donna Tartt’s new novel The Goldfinch which “raises the biggest of moral questions”.

The cover shows a ripped sheet of white paper with a goldfinch bird peeking through it. The novel will be published on 22nd October 2013 and by Abacus as a paperback in 2014.

Richard Beswick, Little, Brown & Abacus publishing director, said: “The Goldfinch takes us back to some of the pure pleasures of  reading—with a total emotional investment in the fate of a hero, and the absolute need to know what happens next—and makes of them something thrilling and new.   

"It is also a book of profound intelligence and sophistication which compellingly raises the biggest of moral questions. The Goldfinch is sure to astound and delight readers everywhere.”