Little, Brown poaches Hiaasen

<p>Little, Brown has poached author Carl Hiaasen from Transworld. Jonny Geller at Curtis Brown acting on behalf of Esther Newberg at ICM has signed a two book deal with Sphere publisher David Shelley.</p><p>The first of the two books will be published in hardback in April 2010 and the second a year later. Shelley said that publishing Hiaasen was &quot;a dream come true&quot;. &quot;We have exciting plans for his UK publishing and, given that from 2010 he will be delivering a book a year, we think that there are great opportunities for building his profile still further.&quot;.</p><p>Hiaasen&#39;s latest <em>Fairway to Hell</em> was published by Bantam Press in the UK in August. In the US, Knopf will be publishing Hiaasen in hardback and partnering with Grand Central for the paperback.<br /></p>