Literary jobs 'the most desirable'

Literary jobs 'the most desirable'

A YouGov poll has found that the top three most desirable jobs to have in Britain today are author, librarian and academic.

The literary jobs came out on top of a survey that asked 14,294 people what professions they would or would not like to do for a living, including roles such as MP, Olympic athlete, astronaut, model and Formula 1 driver.

The research showed that 60% would like to be an author, with only 32% saying they would not like to be one. The only other jobs preferred by a majority were that of a librarian, which 54% of those asked said they would like to do, and an academic, which 51% would like to do. 

Men and women shared preferences for the three most popular jobs, however there are some significant differences by social grade, with academia, journalism, teaching and law being more than 8% more desirable to ABC1s (professional, middle class workers) than to C2DEs (manual, working class workers).

The findings come despite the widespread cutbacks affecting librarians across the country, and the drop in author earnings to a total typically below £11,000 in 2013.