Librarian pens dystopian series for Headline

Librarian pens dystopian series for Headline

Headline has bought a series of four novels by a librarian from the West Midlands.

Publishing director Mari Evans acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the books by G X Todd in a pre-empt from Camilla Wray at the Darley Anderson agency.

The first novel, Defender, “transports readers immediately to a world in which society has been decimated and those who remain must fight to survive”.

The book follows Pilgrim, who is haunted by a Voice in his head who tells him to help Lacey, a teenage girl arms with her grandmother’s gun and a spiky attitude.

The series, which Headline said called “to mind the epic architecture of The Stand” will explore the world of Voices and the destiny of the girl Pilgrim must defend.

Evans said: “I love this novel and the overarching series conceit gave me tingles down the spine – and what’s more, in Lacey we have a character who reminded me of Terminator’s Sarah Connor. As publishers of Neil Gaiman and Deborah Harkness, Headline is always on the lookout for newcomers in this area and in G X Todd, we’ve found a genuine talent.”

Todd has worked for public libraries for more than a decade and currently holds an HGV licence, driving a 35ft foot long library van.

Defender will be published in January 2017.