Liberties Press launches fiction imprint

Liberties Press launches fiction imprint

Independent publisher Liberties Press has launched a new fiction imprint focusing on contemporary writing with "a global outlook".

All the company’s fiction, both new and re-released backlist titles, will be published under the Ely’s Arch imprint in the future. All non-fiction titles will continue to be published under the Liberties imprint.

The name of the new imprint is inspired by a structure in the south Dublin suburb of Churchtown, similar to the Arc de Triomphe and Marble Arch. Around 100 years ago, Churchtown was home to Dun Emer (later the Cuala Press), a publishing company set up and run by Elizabeth Yeats with her brother William Butler Yeats. The Cuala Press was the only arts and crafts press to be run and staffed by women, and the only one that published new work rather than established classics. Ely’s Arch "stands proudly in this tradition, highlighting how, in the contemporary world, as in earlier times, culture springs from local areas".

The first publication under the Ely’s Arch imprint will be The Garfield Conspiracy by novelist Owen Dwyer, publishing on 7th September. A psychological thriller with a touch of historical fiction, it is inspired by the fascinating figure of 19th-century US President James Garfield, and the story of his assassination. It will be followed by Quiet City by Philip Davison and The First Heresy by author and former TV presenter Eddie Hobbs. 

Seán O’Keeffe, publisher at Liberties Press, said: “At a time of unprecedented turmoil in the publishing world, we are thrilled to be moving ahead with the next stage in the company’s development and to launch our new fiction imprint. We are excited about our first three titles for 2021, and we can’t wait to work on our future releases. We are grateful to Baker at, who designed the new Ely’s Arch logo, and Linda Nel at Kode 88, who created the Ely’s Arch website.”