Levi Roots to offer business advice for Octopus

<p>Celebrity chef Levi Roots will lend entrepreneurial advice in a new business book through Octopus.</p><p>Mitchell Beazley will publish <em>You Can Get It If You Really Want</em> on 7th March, as a &pound;10.99 paperback. The book will contain advice for those looking to start their own business. </p><p>The title will feature an introduction by Peter Jones, who invested in Roots&rsquo; Reggae Reggae Sauce when the singer and chef appeared on &ldquo;Dragons&rsquo; Den&rdquo; in 2007.</p><p>Octopus publishing director Denise Bates said: &ldquo;The book provides all the know-how and inspiration for starting up a business of any kind, from getting the key financials nailed to choosing the team to help you do it. The book is peppered with Levi&rsquo;s own experiences throughout his journey from Dragons&rsquo; Den hopeful to hugely successful businessman.&rdquo;</p><p>The book will be accompanied by a wide-ranging publicity campaign, with podcasts and blogs featuring excerpts from the book.</p>