Lenton to illustrate next Baddiel novel

Lenton to illustrate next Baddiel novel

HarperCollins Children’s Books has teamed David Baddiel with illustrator Steven Lenton for his next novel, Head Kid.

The book, out in hardback in September, tells the story of a strict headmaster who swaps bodies with the naughtiest kid in school. It will be illustrated by Lenton, who “brings the book brilliantly to life with illustrations that perfectly complement the filmic flair of the storytelling”, according to HarperCollins.

Baddiel’s previous children’s books with HarperCollins - The Parent Agency, The Person Controller, AniMalcolm, and Birthday Boy - were illustrated by Jim Field.

“I’m very happy to be sending my latest book, Head Kid, out into the world. I love a body swap story,” said the author. “And it turns out that Strictest Head divided by Naughtiest Boy equals School Chaos. I hope it’s as much a joy to read as it was to write.”

Publication will be backed by a major marketing and publicity campaign.