Legend Press scoops 'totally addictive' Żulczyk thriller

Legend Press scoops 'totally addictive' Żulczyk thriller

Legend Press has scooped the “totally addictive” new thriller from Polish bestseller Jakub Żulczyk.

Managing director Tom Chalmers acquired world rights to The Institute from Renata Kasprzak at Red Rock Literary Agency, acting as a co-agent for Authors’ Syndicate Lit and Script Agency. The Institute , translated by Danusia Stok, will be published in April 2021.

It is the second of the writer's novels to be published for the English language market, following this year's Blinded by the Lights (Legend), which was adapted as a major HBO Europe TV series. The Polish edition has sold over half a million copies.

The Institute is billed as “a compelling, psychological thriller and an uncomfortable and troubling study of human fears”. The synopsis explains: “Set in central Krakow, seven residents find themselves trapped in their tenement house. All the windows and doors are locked, phone lines are dead and the internet is blocked. It quickly transpires that they are participating in a strange game played by the mysterious ‘THEY’. Mutual suspicions begin, conflicts break out. Paranoia thickens. And finally, blood is shed. “

Żulczyk is an author, journalist and screenwriter who has been described by Tony Parsons as Warsaw's answer to James Ellroy and Jo Nesbo.

Chalmers said “At the heart of Legend Press is a passion to provide a platform to the very best writing talent, and we are incredibly excited to be bringing Jakub Żulczyk’s writing to the English language market. This novel is dark, menacing and wonderfully addictive.”