Legend Press gives away books to libraries

<p>Indie publishers Legend Press and Paperbooks are to give away 1,000 copies of five novels to library reading groups.<br /><br />Working in conjunction with the Reading Agency&#39;s Reading Partners initiative, the campaign will highlight the power of word-of-mouth, and the strength of new fiction available in the UK.<br /><br />The reading groups will rank the five titles in preference and each member will review the books, with a dedicated website launched in November.<br /><br />Tom Chalmers, Legend Press and Paperbooks m.d., said: &quot;The power of word-of-mouth on book sales is indisputable, the growth of reading groups phenomenal, and the value of libraries vital to the creative industries. Therefore, to bring all together into a single campaign is hugely exciting.&quot; <br /><br />The five titles are: <em>Mr Two-Bomb</em> by William Coles, <em>The History of Us</em> by Philip Leslie, <em>Fire Horses</em> by Mark Liam Piggott (all Legend Press), and <em>The Grease Monkey&#39;s Tale</em> by Paul Burman and The <em>Ice-Cream Army</em> by Jessica Gregson (both Paperbooks).</p>