Legal Action Group to publish children’s book based on life of Lady Hale

Legal Action Group to publish children’s book based on life of Lady Hale

Legal Action Group will publish a children's book based on the life of Supreme Court president Lady Hale next month. 

The book, written by author and former barrister Afua Hirsch and illustrated by Henry Beaumont, will publish on 10th October. 

Equal to Everything: Judge Brenda and the Supreme Court marks Legal Action Group's first "and only" foray in children's books. The charity publishes a monthly journal, Legal Action, and legal handbooks. 

The book has been crowdfunded with donations from individuals and a grant from the Sigrid Rausing Trust. The book will aim to inspire primary school children with the story of a girl brought up in the North Yorkshire countryside who went on to become president of the Supreme Court, highlighting some of her achievements along the way.

"Ama starts a new school when her family move to Richmond in Yorkshire. On her first day she learns about a school trip to London where they will see many well-known landmarks including the Supreme Court in Parliament Square," reads the synopsis. "On this trip, Ama and class 3 learn about the work of the court and how another little girl from her town went on to become its president. Class 3 can’t believe it when the president, Lady Hale, comes to meet them. They ask her questions and she explains how the law works and some of the interesting cases that illustrate how important the law is to help people and how difficult it is to make just and fair decisions."

Legal Action Group publishing director Esther Pilger said: "This book aims to inspire young girls but also illustrates an aspiration for a more diverse judiciary of the future that is not all white, all male or all privately educated. It illustrates real cases that Brenda has judged to discuss themes of fairness, dignity and the importance of the best interests of children in the law. The idea for the book came from a successful US children’s book on Ruth Bader Ginsburg."

All proceeds will go back into Legal Action Group's charity to support access to justice. 

Lady Hale hit the headlines this week after the Supreme Court ruled the decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful. The first female president of the Supreme Court, Lady Hale has been critical of the lack of female representation, with only three women making up the 12-strong court. She was also the first woman to be appointed to the Law Commission.