Leckie's Ancillary Justice optioned for TV

Leckie's Ancillary Justice optioned for TV

Ann Leckie's prize-winning sci-fi novel Ancillary Justice (Orbit UK) has been optioned for TV.

Writing on her blog, the author revealed that the book has been optioned by production company Fabrik and Fox Television Studios, which previously worked together on the US version of "The Killing" and "Burn Notice". Fabrik is also producing "Bosch" for Amazon, an adaptation of Michael Connelly's crime series of books.

Leckie said that the option did not guarantee that a programme would be made, but said "it seems like there’s been quite a lot of science fictional television turning up. So, who can say?"

She also addressed the difficulties of filming her book, which is narrated by a starship which once controlled the minds of thousands of soldiers, and is now housed in one human body.

Leckie said: "I am also aware, of course, that bringing AJ to any sort of screen (not counting your eReader screen, of course!) would be…an interestingly difficult project. I made sure to have a conversation with the folks at Fabrik about my specific concerns–namely, the approach to gender, and the issue of whitewashing (as in, I do not want to see the book whitewashed, I would like to namedrop LeGuin and mention her Earthsea experience here, thank you). I was very pleased with their response."

Ancillary Justice, the first part in the Imperial Radch trilogy, has won several high profile awards, including the Arthur C Clarke Award, the Nebula Award, Hugo Award and Locus Award.