Leckie on Hugo Awards shortlist

Leckie on Hugo Awards shortlist

Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Sword (Orbit), the sequel to her multi award-winning Ancillary Justice (also Orbit), is among the finalists for this year’s Hugo Awards.

The annual awards honour the best science fiction and fantasy works and achievements of the previous year across a number of categories, including books, television, film, and fanworks, voted on by members of the World Science Fiction Convention.

Leckie’s Ancillary Justice last year won the Best Novel category at the Hugos, as well as The Arthur C Clarke Award, the Best Novel Award from the British Science Fiction Association, the Kitschies Golden Tentacle for Best Debut Novel, and the Nebula award.

This year, Leckie’s Ancillary Sword will compete in the Best Novel category against The Dark Between the Stars by Kevin J Anderson (Simon & Schuster); The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison (Tor); Lines of Departure by Marko Kloos (47North); and Skin Game by Jim Butcher (Orbit).

Other categories include Best Novella, where Finland-based science fiction and fantasy publisher Castalia House has four of the five shortlisted nominations.

Of those John C Wright is nominated three times, once for “Pale Realms of Shade” from The Book of Feasts & Seasons (Castalia House), once for One Bright Star to Guide Them (Castalia House); and once for “The Plural of Helen of Troy” from City Beyond Time: Tales of the Fall of Metachronopolis (Castalia House).

Also nominated are "Big Boys Don’t Cry" by Tom Kratman (Castalia House); and “Flow” by Arlan Andrews, Sr, published in science fiction and fantasy magazine Analog.

The John W Campbell Award for Best New Writer will be decided between Wesley Chu, Jason Cordova, Kary English, Rolf Nelson, and Eric S. Raymond.

A full list of categories and nominations can be found on the Hugos website.