Leather to be published by Amazon Encore

Leather to be published by Amazon Encore

Stephen Leather's bestselling e-books The Basement and Once Bitten are to be republished under Amazon.co.uk's Encore programme.

He will join other indie writers such as Joe Konrath who have been picked by the initiative, which seeks to unearth talent using reader reviews and sales. Leather, who has published books with Hodder & Stoughton, has sold 200,000 copies of the e-books since he decided to self-publish them on the Kindle before Christmas last year. He said the move was his attempt to crack the US market.

He said: "I see it as a continuation of the experiment that I started in October last year. I feel as if I have gone as far as I can with them and so I'm keen to see what Amazon can do with their marketing techniques.

"Most of my sales have been in the UK, pretty much 90% in fact, and Amazon Encore will give me the chance to crack the American market for the first time, which I hope will produce a knock-on effect for my Hodder and Stoughton thrillers."

Amazon is redesigning the covers and will publish them in November as print books and will relaunch them as e-books.