LBF: Territoriality "key" for UK publishers

Controlling world English-language rights is key to taking advantage of the global book economy for UK publishers, delegates have been told.

Speaking at "The Book is Dead: Long Live the Global Book" seminar at LBF, Bloomsbury group sales and marketing director Evan Schnittman stressed the importance of protecting territoriality as online retailers enabled the shipping of overeas editions.
He said: "Selling the English-language rights to different territories opens up the opportunity for competition. The internet will undermine all the protections we put up. The most important thing to do as a business is to make a decision as to how to manage territoriality."

He also stressed that territory management was much easier in "e", as online retailers protected territoriality on digital books. He said: "Helping the whole process of the global book going forward is the e-book."

Corinne Turner, m.d. of Ian Fleming Publications, and Google print content partnership director Santiago de la Mora said a global book market meant the ability to reach more niche markets. De la Mora said: "All of a sudden with the internet it is possible to reach that user, and vice-versa."

Turner added: "I can see the e-book replacing the paperback in most cases", although she acknowledged that different formats meant the ability to reach a wider customer base.