LBF to emphasise digital, graphic novels and the screen

<p>The 2010 London Book Fair will place particular emphasis on the digital age, graphic novels and film and TV with more than 140 seminars across the three &#39;official&#39; days and two &#39;pre-days&#39;.</p><p>The third Digital Conference will also take place on the Sunday before the fair, which runs from 19th to 21st April at Earls Court London. </p><p>Entitled &#39;Strategies for Transformation&#39;, the day will be chaired by Richard Charkin, executive director of Bloomsbury, and will include discussions from the PA&#39;s Digital Directors Group: HarperCollins&#39; David Roth-Ey, Pearson&#39;s Genevieve Shore, Pan Macmillan&#39;s Sara Lloyd, Random House&#39;s Fionnuala Duggan and Hachette UK&#39;s George Walkley.<br /><br />During the fair itself, the digital zone area has been made six times larger than it was in 2009, with 22 participants due to both exhibit and present in the digital theatre, which has doubled in capacity from last year.</p><p>The fair organisers have also expanded the Film and TV seminar stream. Seminars will include &#39;New forms of adaptation &ndash; from ebook to every screen&#39; and &#39;Film and media rights: how do I get more value out of my content&#39;. There will also be a film and TV masterclass held on the Saturday before the fair which will focus on how to write for screen.</p><p>Lucy Holland-Smith, LBF marketing manager, said &quot;We&#39;ve been developing the film and TV rights area for some time and 2010 has a significant line-up of events, seminars and visitors from the film and TV worlds. </p><p>&quot;As books become increasingly important to film and TV producers, it&#39;s great to be able to facilitate relationships between the two worlds.&quot;&nbsp;</p><p>For the first time there will be a Comic &amp; Graphic Novel Pavilion, with publishers, distributors and illustrators of comic books, graphic novels, manga and anim&eacute; able to exhibit. </p><p>There is also a dedicated stream of seminars looking at this area for the first time. Seminars include &#39;Getting Graphic Novels and Manga to the Reader&#39; and &#39;New Opportunities: Graphic Novels and Digital&#39;.</p>