Little, Brown grows rights team as Dorée steps up

Little, Brown grows rights team as Dorée steps up

Helena Dorée, formerly senior rights manager, is taking on selling US rights as head of US Rights at Little, Brown Book Group, while Ruth Case-Green from Scholastic is joining as rights executive and Jessica Callaghan as rights assistant. 

Dorée, as head of US rights from 1st December 2019, will in addition to selling US rights continue to sell French, Arabic, Hebrew and Greek rights. She also handles serial, radio reading rights and library large print and audio rights.

Kate Hibbert, rights director, will take over selling rights in Turkey and Eastern Europe, excluding Poland, from 1st December. She will continue to sell rights in the Far East, Portugal, the Netherlands, Flemish Belgium and the Indian subcontinent. She also looks after library large print and audio rights.

Andy Hine, rights director, will continue selling translation rights in Brazil, Germany, Italy, Poland, Scandinavia and the Baltic States. He also handles serial, film and TV and library large print and audio rights.

Anniina Vuori looks after worldwide Spanish and Catalan rights, in addition to being the Little, Brown Book Group contracts director.

Ruth Case-Green, who joins as rights executive after a two-year stint with Scholastic as rights and co-editions assistant, will handle serial rights, permissions requests and all production material fees. Callaghan, as rights assistant, will handle permissions requests and provide administrative support to the department.

Little, Brown deputy managing director Cath Burke said: “The rights team under Andy Hine and Kate Hibbert’s leadership is at the absolute heart of all we do at Little, Brown Book Group and it is wonderful to see the expanded team in place with Ruth and Jessica joining us recently; the superbly talented Helena taking on selling our rights in the US, and our sensational Group contracts director Anniina Vuori exploring new skills and taking on selling worldwide Spanish and Catalan rights. The team has achieved enormous success in recent years, including Rights Professional of the Year wins for Kate and Andy, and I am so excited to see what the team will achieve in 2020 and beyond.”