Laws to publish 'inside story' of Coalition

Laws to publish 'inside story' of Coalition

Former Liberal Democrat MP David Laws has written a book exposing the ‘inside story’ of the Cameron-Clegg coalition.

Biteback Publishing m.d. Iain Dale acquired world rights to Coalition by David Laws, which will be published in Spring 2016.

The book, which will be supported by a ‘major press campaign’, promises to shed light on ‘much that has not yet made it into the public domain’ about the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition from its birth in 2010 through to its demise in May 2015.

The publishers said it will show how key decisions were made, lay bare divisions between and within the Coalition parties, provide sketches of all the key players on both sides of the government, and assess the Coalition’s successes and failures.

Laws is also the author of 22 Days in May: The Birth of the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition, which has sold 5,379 copies to date according to Nielsen BookScan.

Dale said: “The Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition was a fascinating chapter in recent British politics, and David Laws was uniquely positioned to write about it from within. 22 Days in May was essential reading for politics fans, and I’m thrilled that David is returning to Biteback with this revealing account.”

Laws added: “Working in the coalition government was a fascinating and productive experience. This account will, I hope, not just be of historic value but will also touch on many of the issues and challenges which will confront all political parties in the years ahead. I am delighted that Biteback is publishing this account.”

A spokesperson for Biteback said Laws was well placed to provide a real insider’s account of the period because he was one of four Liberal Democrats who took part in key Coalition negotiations in 2010 and then was appointed its first chief secretary to the Treasury. After 17 days in the post however, Laws resigned due to a disclosure about his parliamentary expenses claims, described by the Parliamentary Standards and Privileges Committee as "a series of serious breaches of the rules, over a considerable period of time".

The Daily Telegraph had reported Laws claimed more than £40,000 on his expenses in the form of second home costs, from 2004 to late 2009, during which time he had been renting rooms at properties owned by what the newspaper claimed to be his "secret lover" and "long-term partner", James Lundie. Shortly before the newspaper’s publication of the story, Laws revealed his sexuality in a public statement and claimed his reason for the way he had claimed expenses was to keep details of his sexuality private and he had not benefited financially from it.

Laws later returned to the government in 2012 key posts in the education department and the cabinet office. He lost his seat however in the 2015 general election, however.