Laurence King rushes Anderson's bike book into autumn list

Laurence King rushes Anderson's bike book into autumn list

Laurence King Publishing is rushing Back on Your Bike: All the Stuff You Need to Be a Cyclist Again by Alan Anderson into its autumn 2020 list, in anticipation of a post-Covid cycling boom.

Anderson, a publishing industry professional writing under a pen name, was commissioned to write the book by editorial director Zara Larcombe. Illustrated by David Sparshott, the book is released in hardback on 26th November.

Back on Your Bike is billed as a confidence builder for the nervous new or renewed cyclist. In three stages it covers looking after your bike, becoming a confident real-world cyclist, and the many benefits of cycling to rider and environment. 

Anderson, whose previous biking book Muck, Sweat and Gears (Carlton) was published in 2011, said: “It’s hard to say anything good about the Covid lockdown, but one encouraging response to it has been the dramatic surge in bike riding and cycle commuting. Not only is your bike a practical way to get about while staying safe, it’s also brilliant for your physical health, your mental health, and our environment.

"It’s great to see millions of people dusting off old bicycles and riding regularly for the first time, and I’m delighted that LKP is rushing Back on Your Bike out for them.”