Sebastian's triplet princesses go to Hodder & Stoughton

Sebastian's triplet princesses go to Hodder & Stoughton

Hodder & Stoughton has landed three books about triplet princesses "trained in espionage and seduction" by Laura Sebastian, author of the Ash Princess series. 

Senior commissioning editor Molly Powell bought UK and Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada, from Charlotte Bodman at Rights People, who was representing John Cusick of Folio Junior. 

Scheduled for 2022 in conjunction with Delacorte Press in the US, the trilogy follows the triplet princesses of Bessemia as they travel to three distant lands to marry three princes and enact their Queen mother’s plan to rule from sea to sea. When they arrive, each sister discovers her task is not so simple, and their mother's motives may not be what they seem. The first book in the series is Castles in their Bones.

Sebastian is the author of the New York Times bestselling Ash Princess series and Half Sick of Shadows, published by Pan Macmillan.  

She said: “Castles in their Bones has pushed my boundaries as an author and, challenging as it was to write, I’m so thrilled with the book it’s become. As a new resident of the UK, I’m so glad this book has found its own home here with Hodder. It’s full of sisterhood, astrology magic, and plenty of twists and turns with an ending readers won’t see coming.” 

Powell says: “Triplet princesses who must sneak, spy and connive their way to power in unfamiliar kingdoms? Yes, yes, and triple yes. Castles in their Bones is as magical as it is unexpected, and brims with intrigue and mystery in a gorgeously drawn world. I’m delighted to have this brilliant trilogy on the Hodder list.”