Laura McNeill leaves PFD for Gleam Titles

Laura McNeill leaves PFD for Gleam Titles

PFD’s Laura McNeill has joined Gleam Titles as a literary agent as the company expands.

McNeill left PFD last month and started at Gleam on 13th January. She started her career at PFD in 2015, where she worked across US indie publisher New Directions, the Downton Abbey publishing brand, and was at the forefront of developing digital-first talent at PFD, including The Chicken Connoisseur (Bonnier) and What A Time To Be Alone (Quadrille Publishing) by Chidera Eggerue. McNeill will be bringing several of her clients with her, including the stars of the online gardening world, Ro Co, and Oxford astrophysicist and YouTuber Dr Becky. 

Gleam Titles represents a broad range of authors, including Laura Bates, Sam Baker and Munroe Bergdorf. McNeill is joining as part of the company’s expansion, following Megan Staunton appointment as literary assistant in 2018. Gleam said its plan is growth so plans to grow the team in the future. 

McNeill said: "I will always be grateful to PFD, where I benefited from unforgettable and talented mentors. I now have the opportunity to continue building my career in a whole new sphere. What Abigail has managed to do at Gleam Titles is hugely impressive and innovative, working at the cutting edge of the market producing high-quality content. I want to be there not only to learn the secrets to its seemingly unstoppable success but also to help shape its direction for the future. The landscape of emerging media is continually changing and evolving – it’s the most exciting place to be right now and has many more surprises left in store."

Abigail Bergstrom, publishing manager at Gleam, said: "The bestsellers of 2019 – namely the record-breaking Pinch of Nom and Mrs Hinch, and Charlie Mackesy’s Waterstones Book of the Year [The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse] – have evidenced yet again the increasing importance of platform-driven publishing. Social media is founding brand authors, its spawning creativity and it’s providing the industry with its bestselling books. The role and importance of emerging talent in this space should not be underestimated; their power to tell stories and create movements is unfounded. Welcoming Laura to the team is all part of the strategy for continued growth, longevity and broadening our scope. She’s demonstrated a natural aptitude for discovering the next wave of writers and digital trailblazers and I have no doubt she will have immense success here."