Laura Bush's memoirs sell 147,000 copies in first week Stateside.

The former first lady of the United States Laura Bush&#39;s memoir, <em>Spoken From the Heart </em>(Scribner), last week became the second fastest-selling book of the year in the US, racking up 147,003 sales in its first part-week on sale according to Nielsen BookScan US data.<br /><br />But the much-discussed but lukewarm-reviewed publication has to settle for second position in this week&#39;s US bestseller list behind the fastest-selling book of the year, Charlaine Harris&#39;<em> Dead in the Family</em> (Ace). Harris&#39; 10th Sookie Stackhouse vampire thriller sold a massive 199,732 copies during the seven days to ninth March. <br /><br />There has understandably been a huge amount of publicity surrounding the publication of the memoirs, while Laura Bush&#39;s own publicity tour included stops on Oprah and the Today show.<br /><br />Having obtained an advance copy of the memoirs late last month, the New York Times published details about some of the book&#39;s more sensational elements, including: details about a suspected poison plot against her husband at the G8 Summit in 2007; the mystery surround a car accident she caused in 1963 that resulted in the death of a friend, and her defence of her husband George Bush&#39;s often controversial political decisions.<br /><br />Despite the high sales, reviews have been mixed. Newsweek, in its regular &quot;We Read it (So You Don&#39;t Have to)&quot; column, suggested that about &quot;half of <em>Spoken From the Heart</em> could have (and should have) been cut&quot;, stating that some of the memoir&#39;s best &quot;gems&quot; are &quot;sandwiched between pages and pages of boring, uninteresting facts&quot;.<br /><br />In comparison to the first week sales of 147,003 copies for Spoken From the Heart, Sarah Palin&#39;s memoir, <em>Going Rogue</em> (Harper) sold 467,604 copies in its first week, while Edward Kennedy&#39;s <em>True Compass </em>(Twelve) sold 168,459 copies.