'Groundbreaking' Laura Bates investigation into online misogyny goes to S&S

'Groundbreaking' Laura Bates investigation into online misogyny goes to S&S

Simon & Schuster UK has picked up a “ground-breaking” investigation from Everyday Sexism Project founder Laura Bates into the world of online misogyny.

Men Who Hate Women, which was acquired previously as part of a two-book deal through Rochelle Stevens and Co., is set to be published in May 2020. S&S has acquired world English rights including e-book and audio to a second non-fiction title from Bates to be published in 2023. The deal was brokered through Abigail Bergstrom at Gleam Titles.

The synopsis explains: “In this ground-breaking investigation, Laura traces the roots of extreme misogyny across a complex network of online groups extending from Men's Rights Activists and Pick up Artists to Men Going their Own Way, Trolls and the Incel movement, in the name of which some men have committed terrorist acts. Drawing parallels with other extremist movements around the world, Bates seeks to understand what attracts men and boys to the movement, how it operates and considers what can be done. Most urgently of all, she traces the pathways this extreme ideology has taken from the darkest corners of the internet to emerge covertly in our mainstream media, our playgrounds and even in our parliament.”

A spokesperson for S&S said: “I’m extremely proud to be publishing Laura’s ground-breaking book. In her typically incisive and intelligent way, she lifts the lid on extreme online misogyny and presents an indisputable case for tackling this frightening phenomenon.”

Bates added: “For too long, extremist misogynist groups have flourished with total impunity. Most people have never heard of them, and those who have dismiss them with mockery. Despite actively grooming young men online and carrying out mass killings, we don't use the words 'radicalisation' or 'terrorism' to describe the actions of these hate-fuelled communities. But their membership is vast and this book will reveal how their ideology is spreading, taking root in our schools, workplaces, media and politics. We can't ignore it any longer.”

Bates founded the Everyday Sexism Project in 2012 and her first book Everyday Sexism (S&S) was published in 2014.