Launch of Bookbub India

Launch of Bookbub India

BookBub, an e-book promotion company, has launched in India.

The US-based business is a daily deal site for e-books which allows publishers and authors to submit price promotion ideas for titles, which Bookbub then reviews and chooses which to feature in its daily emails.

The deals include offering books for free, or at discounted rates.

Last May, the company's co-founder and c.e.o. Josh Schanker said that the company’s goal was to expand internationally and the company launched in the UK last September. The India launch took place yesterday (5th May).

"We’re thrilled to announce that our newest international edition is now available for partners looking to expand their global reach even further," Bookbub said. "The world’s second largest English-speaking country, India, joins the United Kingdom and Canada as BookBub’s third international market."

The company said to reach the thousands of members who have already signed up for BookBub India, publishers should select any Indian retailers where their price promotion will be available in their next submission.

Bookbub said it had also added support for Flipkart, India's largest online bookseller, "because many of our Indian readers buy their books through Flipkart, we definitely recommend including this retailer in your next deal."