Faber signs up seventh QI book

Faber signs up seventh QI book

Faber & Faber is to publish the seventh book in the successful QI series in October to tie in with the BBC 2 Show.

Faber editorial director Laura Hassan acquired world all languages rights to 2,024 QI Facts to Stop You In Your Tracks.

The book comes from the QI team which is made up of QI creator John Lloyd, QI "head elf" James Harkin and scriptwriter Anne Miller, with help from the other QI Elves.

Hassan said: “We are thrilled to publish this bumper selection of sparkling facts by the clever clogs behind th eQI TV series. In 2,024 QI Facts To Stop You In Your Tracks the authors have mined the world for the most intriguing, surprisng facts and have once again struck gold."

Lloyd said: “In ancient Chinese philosophy, the number 10,000 is used to mean 'the indefinite multiplicity of all forms and beings in existence'. While we don't think we've got quite that far, I think we can reasonably say that this is the largest collection of exclusively interesting one-line facts ever assembled in the history of the universe."

The book will be published on 18th October 2017.