Larsson's early sci-fi uncovered

<p>Unpublished sci-fi manuscripts written by a teenaged Stieg Larsson have surfaced in Stockholm. </p><p>According to a report from news agency <a href="" target="_blank">AFP, the manuscripts, written around 1970, were found in an archive from a periodical called <em>Jules Verne</em> magazine. </a></p><p>The archive has been lodged with Sweden&#39;s national library. </p><p>Larsson sent the manuscripts to the magazine in hope of publication, deputy national librarian Magdalena Gram told AFP. Gram said it would be up to Larsson&#39;s estate-holders - his father and brother - to decide whether to publish the works. </p><p>Larsson, author of the bestselling <em>Millennium</em> trilogy, died in November 2004, aged 50.</p>