Lagom signs My Shit Therapist

Lagom signs My Shit Therapist

Blink imprint Lagom has signed a "bold and irreverent" guide to dealing with poor mental health from journalist Michelle Thomas.

Natalie Jerome, acquisitions director and publisher for Bonnier Books UK, signed world language rights from Emma Finn and Sophie Lambert at Conville and Walsh.

Entitled My Shit Therapist and Other Mental Health Stories, the book draws on Thomas' own experiences of living with mental illness, having suffered herself from depressive episodes, and weaves through stories she has crowdsourced from her online community and through live events, to offer insight and support to fellow sufferers and those who know them.

As well as being full of "funny conversations and relatable anecdotes", Blink said her account would cover "medication and therapy to mates and dates" and contain advice and tricks to help readers "navigate the world and understand the social constructs that can contribute to mental ill health".

Thomas said: "I started writing this book because I couldn't find anything like it when I needed it the most. The response I've already had from those who've shared their experiences with me, demonstrates the power of these stories. I want this book to act as a support network and friend to those who may be enduring the loneliest and most frightening period of their lives. It will be bold, galvanising, insightful, and very funny."

Jerome said: "Michelle’s willingness to be so open and honest – without losing her sense of humour – is really refreshing, especially when it comes to something as stigmatised as mental illness. I love the way in which this book is going to draw on both her personal experience and that of her online community. I think it’s important for as many of these kinds of stories to be told as possible. Hilarious, heartfelt, and genuinely helpful – I can’t wait."

My Shit Therapist and Other Mental Health Stories will be published in May 2019.