Kyle Books explores London in the Wild

Kyle Books explores London in the Wild

Kyle Books has signed London in the Wild: Exploring Nature in the City by the London Wildlife Trust with a foreword by conservationist and broadcaster Chris Packham.

It will publish on 28th October 2021 in hardback. Judith Hannam, publishing director, acquired world rights from Oscar Janson-Smith at Kruger Cowne.

The synopsis states: “With London in the Wild as your guide, you can explore the city from your garden, local parks and community space, but also from its wetlands, woodlands and heaths. Along the way you'll discover the best places to see bluebells in springtime, the day-to-day life of a London Tube mouse and the activities of seals who make their home in the Thames.”

Mathew Frith, the London Wildlife Trust’s conservation director, said: “This year at London Wildlife Trust we celebrate 40 years since our inauguration as a charity in 1981. In London in the Wild we are delighted to pool the many years of our collective knowledge and expertise of London’s diverse wildlife and wild spaces, so that Londoners and visitors can find out more about the wildlife that shares our city. We also hope readers enjoy visiting and exploring some of our favourite spots to discover nature and some of London’s many surprising species.

"London in the Wild includes writing from our colleagues (past and present) and volunteers, but you will also find here contributions from some of the friends and allies we’ve made along the way during 40 years of working towards a greener and wilder London, and where the city’s nature can be easily experienced by very many more people.”