Kyle Books eats up Tom Watson’s weight-loss memoir

Kyle Books eats up Tom Watson’s weight-loss memoir

Kyle Books aims to spark a "national conversation" with Tom Watson’s account of how he reversed his diabetes and lost eight stone.

Editorial director Judith Hannam secured world rights all languages to Downsizing by the deputy Labour leader from Rory Scarfe at The Blair Partnership. The book will be available in hardback from January 2020.

Tom Watson has been the MP for West Bromwich East since 2001 and deputy leader of the Labour Party since 2015. Following his weight loss, Watson has set up an independent commission to look at how government can tackle obesity and stem the rise in type 2 diabetes.

The synopsis explains: “Deputyleader of the Labour Party Tom Watson will share his honest, very frank and inspiring account of how he radically changed the way he ate, lost eight stone and reversed his type 2 diabetes. Downsizing will chart how, in his words, he went from being a seemingly ill-disciplined, over- indulgent individual who was addicted to sugar and hard-wired to consume more than the Average Joe, into someone who took control of their eating and became fit enough to climb Snowdon.”

Hannam said: “We live in a society where we are bombarded with food to the extent that it’s endangering our health. Tom Watson’s story will not only inspire anyone who finds it hard to resist just one more biscuit but will also open up a national conversation about weight loss, nutrition and health.”

Watson added: “Two years ago I turned 50, weighed 22 stone and was heavily medicated for type 2 diabetes. I thought it would be all downhill from there. By radically changing my nutrition, cutting out sugar, and taking up exercise, I’ve changed my life and reversed my diabetes. I hope my story will inspire others to regain their health and happiness and discover the new lease of life I’m experiencing.”

Downsizing: How I lost 8 stone, reversed my diabetes and regained my health will retail for £14.99.