Kyle Books acquires second book from Samaritans

Kyle Books acquires second book from Samaritans

Kyle Books has signed a second book from the Samaritans and its assistant director of communications Katie Colombus, entitled Pathways: Your Journey to Emotional Wellbeing.

Judith Hannam, publishing director at the Octopus imprint, acquired world rights from Colombus. Pathways will be published as a paperback on the 30th December at £12.99 with a simultaneous e-book.  

The blurb reads: “Every day, Samaritans volunteers respond to around 10,000 calls for help. Everyone has moments when the noise and activity of daily life mean it’s hard to see the wood for the trees. Sometimes we get by, but sometimes we get out of balance and when negative feelings go unchecked, emotions can escalate. A companion to Samaritans' How to Listen, Pathways: Your journey to emotional wellbeing has been created in collaboration with psychologists and Samaritans volunteers, and provides practical and creative ways to promote positivity and help people find their own route through their problems.

"With pages for self-reflection as well as goal and routine setting, it offers ways to achieve a sense of calm from anxiety, relief from low mood and decompression from stress, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and explore the difficult feelings we all experience from time to time.” 

Colombus said: “Everyone has mental health, the same way they have physical health, and proactively taking steps to manage your wellbeing can help you cope with life’s challenges. I really hope Pathways helps readers to think about their emotional wellbeing and consider what works best for them, so they feel better equipped to face any ups and downs that come their way. Self-care is really important – as is the knowledge that if it is too difficult to go it alone, there is always help available, Samaritans are always there to listen when the going gets tough.”  

Hannam commented: “Samaritans is known for being there for anyone and facing their challenges with them by offering a listening ear. However, Samaritans also offers other support services to give people the skills to look after their own mental and emotional health, build resilience and support others. Samaritans have been offering support for nearly 70 years and Pathways will be a much-needed extension of that help in book form.”