Kobo brings out new version of waterproof Aura

Kobo brings out new version of waterproof Aura

Kobo is releasing a new e-reader, the Kobo Aura H2O – Edition 2, which it says has transformed the best features of the Kobo Aura One into a lighter and smaller size device. It will also be cheaper at £149.99.

The reader has the same overall design as the Aura One, including the same processor, connectivity with built-in wifi, light, auto-adjusting colour temperature and brightness, soft black appearance and 8GB storage, and the same IPX8 rating, meaning the device is waterproof for up to an hour in two metres of water.

However, it weighs in at 210g (dimensions 172 x 129 x 8.9mm) to be both lighter and slighter in comparison to the Kobo Aura One, 226g (195.1 x 138.5 x 6.9mm), using a 6.8" Eink Carta Display versus the Aura One's 7.8” screen; the screen resolution is a little less at 265 pixels-per-inch versus Aura One's 300 ppi.

The reader has been priced cheaper than the Kobo Aura One at $179 (£149.99 in the UK). The cost of the Kobo Aura One in the UK is £189.99. 

It will be available to buy in the UK and US later this month, on 22nd May 2017, with the reader available for pre-order from Kobo directly from 15th May.