Kobo offers Google Play apps through Vox

Kobo offers Google Play apps through Vox

Kobo has joined forces with Google Play to offer its Vox tablet users access to the company's apps. At the same time, Google Play has also launched in Germany.

The link-up means consumers which have Kobo's Vox tablet will be able to take advantage of music, film, android apps and games on the Google Play store, uploaded onto the Vox.

Dan Leibu, chief technology officer of Kobo said the move was  "another big step" to support the company's aims of giving its customers "an open and compelling multimedia device that can be customized to suit their needs".

"Google Play is the perfect addition for the content-rich e-reading environment of the Kobo Vox," Leibu said.

Current Kobo Vox users will have Google Play automatically included in the software update the next time they connect to the internet.

Meanwhile Google Play, Google's digital content store for e-books, games and films, has launched in Germany, meaning customers can now access the e-book store in that country along with the UK, US and France.

In March, Google moved its e-books category into its rebranded Google Play store in an attempt to increase the global search engine's footprint in the consumer download market.